Our Top 5 Natural Grain Free Dog Chews

When on the hunt for a natural dog chew with 100% natural ingredients , it can be hard to know where to start with such an array of differing proteins and dog chews and treats. We stock a variety of natural grain free dog chews, all air dried, low fat and high in protein and nutrient values. To help make the decision a little easier, we have compiled a Top 10.

XL beef shin grain free dog chew infographic


XL beef shin

This is a killer of a natural grain free dog chew. They are actually big and strong enough to use as a hammer. This is a ginormous chew, a natural dog treat for the strong and enthusiastic chewers. We supply these up and down the United Kingdom to Bully breeds, giant breeds and working dogs.

These are no semi moist sweet potato nibbles, they are grand chews for the strong and the spirited chewer. They have great health benefits, rich in Chondroitin and Glucosamine due to the connected knuckle ends. From time to time a special chew is needed and this is it.

Whether you have super endurance chewing lab, retriever or hound - or a big power chewer - this natural dog chew will keep your pet busy for a long time. They are packed with nutrients too!!

XL stag leg grain free dog chew from the dog chew company.

XL stag leg


These are the largest Stag legs that we have ever stocked. Around 14 inches in length they make for a great chew for your dog. You cannot get a more natural dog treat than an XL stag leg. A giant and healthy natural chew.

Venison is a great natural product for dogs and as well as chews venison is also used as training treats and gluten free dog treats. Venison treats often come in the form of bites of dried meat, pure sausages and 100% Venison meat strips.

We are focussing here on grain free chews, and the stag leg, if they can be sourced from large Stags form huge and satisfying chews. They have a little give in them so they do not present any danger of chipping to the teeth for aggressive chewers. They should be withdrawn form the strongest of chewers after 30 minutes of so to ensure that too much chew is not consumed.

As the chew nears the end it is important to supervise your pet and take it away before it presents a choking hazard. Stag legs are a fabulous tasty and satisfying grain free dog chew.

Grain free Pig's trotter from the dog chew company.

Large pig's trotter

This is a firm favourite with all dogs. Think crunchy pork scratchings and crackling on your roast dinner. The trotter is the king of grain free dog treats and is a very tasty dog morsel. It is packed with gelatine, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy bones, cartilage and joints.

The outer is of course a huge crunchy and chewy pork crackling layer - the ultimate tasty dog chew. It can be difficult to find products which are grain and gluten free, particularly in the dog chew and treat market. Shelf life, ease of storage and manufacture ( and profits of course!) have driven the pet market down the route of composite and rubberised chews.

Significant volumes of the larger pet shop stock are packed with fillers, mostly originating from grain and wheat based produce, genetically modified to crop heavily and resist pests. These are playing havoc with a growing population in the dog community. As a result demand for grain free dog chews and the push towards natural dog chews and treats is growing daily.

The Titan chew grain free chew from the dog chew company.


The Beef "Titan" Chew

This is another beef product that you could fight off an intruder with. If "that company" made grain free dog chews then this would be in its product range. It does just what it says on the grain free dog chew tin!

The Titan chew is a regular for our giant breed clients and for those with a more regular sized pooch they are a great addition form time to time. They are rock hard to touch but have a natural grain running through the length and have a slight flex which helps make them the ideal grain free dog chew. They are high in protein and the the connective tissue provides a layer of high nutrient nourishment during the chewing process.

Being beef in origin it is obviously packed with flavour and scent for your dogs chewing enjoyment. For all of those large breeds and the medium sized gundogs, Labs and retrievers who have a real passion for their chewing these chews are a perfect natural choice. They will aid teeth cleaning, gum health and produce Dopamine during chewing leaving you dog or puppy satiated and restful. This is a super calming chew, a grain free chew miracle!

Himalayan Yak Chew form the dog chew company

Himalayan Yak Chews

Yak chews go by many names - Yak chews; Yak treats; Yak's milk chews; Yak bars; Yak cheese. Whichever you prefer the fact remains that they are made of just 3 ingredients - Milk, Salt and Lime juice. It is usually a mix of Yak and cow's milk mixed which forms the body of this super popular grain free dog chew.

Packed with Calcium, Potassium and Omega 3 these are super nutritious and beneficial for bone and teeth formation and maintenance. No nasty chemicals or grain in sight, these hard chew sticks are a gluten free taste sensation. Dogs absolutely adore them and will lick and chew at them for hours.

These natural chews have a pedigree going back centuries from the Himalayas where they have been a fantastic food source on the mountain slopes for generations. They are supplied in differing sizes to suit the size of your dog or puppy's mouth and are generally long lasting. A 100% natural dog treat with great taste and health benefits.