Are Yak chews good for dogs?

All about Yak chews for dogs ...

Yak chews are a very nutritious and simple product. They have been made and enjoyed for centuries by the people of the Himalayas . They are referred to by many different names due to their ingredients and method of manufacture. You will find them called any of the following:

  • Yak bar
  • Yak snack
  • Yak chews
  • Yak cheese for dogs
  • Yak milk bones
  • Yak sticks for dogs
  • Yak milk dog chew

You can clearly see the milk and cheese theme running through the naming conventions. Whether you think of them as Yak dog treats or Yak bars for dogs, it matters not as you are feeding your dog a pure and natural product which has truly stood the test of time and been made for centuries.

As with all dog chews, it is important to ensure fresh drinking water is available for your pet and please supervise your pet with all chew products.

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Are yak chews for puppies?

Packed with Calcium and trace minerals and high in protein Yak chew puppy treats are a great puppy chew. They are pressed and cut or moulded into differing sizes for pate of all life stages, from puppy to adult. As a result puppy sized Yak chews are readily available. They are suitable for pups from 4 months onwards.

They will love the rich taste of the 100% natural hard cheese but when the are close to finish the treat, the small end pieces should be either ground up as a supplement or taken away.

How are Yak dog chews made?

They are made in a similar way to cheese from four simple ingredients :

  • Yak's milk
  • Cow's milk
  • Lime juice
  • Salt

The Yak's milk and cow's milk are mixed and the lime juice and salt is added to them . This is mixed thoroughly and left to stand. Once the curds and whey have separated, it can all be poured into a cheese cloth and the solids strained.

The milk solids are the shaped into a 2 to 3 inch slab and then placed into a press. The slab of Yak and cow milk solids are then stored and pressed with a mild smoke dried for 28 days until hardened completely. At the end of this time the solid hard Yak cheese dog chews are ready.

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Yak dog chew benefits :

  • Yak chews are 100% natural, with no additives or artificial preservatives. No grain is added and Yak chews are gluten free. Made in the Himalayas for centuries from the highest quality natural ingredients they are also completely nutritionally suitable for human consumption too!
  • Yak snacks are delicious! They aid the digestive system in your pet and Yak chews are proven to satiate your dog's hunger appetite during chewing. Four ingredients only and a beautiful lightly smoke scent and taste when eaten.
  • Yak sticks are high in protein, amino acids, calcium and Omega 3 with anti-oxidant and immune boosting benefits.
  • Yak cheese chews are hard to touch, are highly durable and act as a dental stick, helping to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and maintain gum health. The chewing action boosts saliva production also assisting in the dog's dental health. Yak chews are a real addition to your dog dental and gum health. Even though they are hard Yak bars, sticks or chews have enough give in them to not be a danger to chip or harm your dog's teeth.
  • Yak chews are a completely natural product made using traditional methods, production is free from animal harm or cruelty and completely biodegradable. They require no extra packaging and do not spoil.


Himalayan Yak Chews are a perfect chew.

Chewing is such an important part of a dog's development and day to day well being. Chewing is essential and a Yak chew sits nicely alongside your other natural dog chews and feeding plan. Exercising the jaws and gnawing produces dopamine and has widespread mental benefits for your dog. So whether you are feeding a raw, Paleo or vegetarian diet the yak chews for dogs and puppies are a fantastic inclusion.