From its home in Bury in the North of England, this is devoured with every good full English breakfast. Versions are also made and loved by the Scots and Irish, but hang on a moment, isn’t it made mainly from pig’s blood?


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Can dogs eat black pudding?

So can my dog eat black pudding? Yes they can. In moderation it is a tasty treat for your dog. Not everybody realises that it is actually cooked before purchase. It is therefore ready to eat straight from the store. There are however a few pitfalls to look out for and guidelines prior to purchase.


So what is black pudding?

In its most basic form, black pudding has 3 key ingredients, namely pig’s blood, cubed pork fat and barley. There are some limited herbs added and a little seasoning. Obviously where seasoning is concerned, salt levels are always a red flag where feeding your dog is concerned. Check your particular product to check on the salt levels however it is not usual for them to be overtly salty. Historically black pudding was made in a “handcuff” shape and would be contained in natural casings of beef intestine. They would look like very big, short black sausage folded back on themselves – hence the “handcuff” description. These were completely edible and natural. Modern commercially made puddings use tend to use synthetic cellulose skins in recent years which are usually produced from imported dried blood. As well as the traditional shaping you will also find them in larger straight tube form, about 3 inches in diameter and sometimes in the same form but smaller, like a little torpedo.


Can dogs eat black pudding raw?

Contrary to what you might think it is actually supplied cooked and ready to eat. It has a plasticine or sometimes more crumbly texture at this stage. This makes it very useful and edible for dogs as it is pliable and easy to create a small morsel. It is not how we as humans tend to eat it however. You will never see a “uncooked” slice with your cooked breakfast.

In the North and around its origin of Bury it would often be dropped into boiling water in its skin to heat it through, removed and cut open. Then a sprinkle of salt would be all that was needed prior to consumption. As a full English breakfast constituent it is usually fried in slices in a little oil or maybe griddled or grilled in slices.

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Whatever your preferred method of preparation the end result is absolutely delicious. A little squirt of HP or brown sauce and it is a rare treasure. It has even been adopted by the culinary world and features in many restaurants with a scallop sat proudly on top!!


Dogs love to eat black pudding

Whichever approach you take you can be sure that your dog will love a nibble of black pudding either fresh from your plate, subject to house rules or maybe as a treat on a walk. Remember though that all treats are exactly that and should not provide more than 10 to 20% of your dog’s calorific intake for any given day. If you have the motivation to treat your pet during breakfast then it will certainly be one of the healthier option on your plate for him. Bacon would almost certainly carry too much salt as could sausage depending on their provenance.


Is black pudding too fatty for dogs?

The fat level can vary from maker to maker. As a child I remember our black pudding having chewy cubes of pork shoulder fat running through it which added both texture and flavour. This seems to be less the case these days and as a result some versions are not too fatty at all. So long as it is fed in moderation and not a primary food source then the fat levels should not cause an issue for your dog. If there has been any history of Pancreatitis in your pet then that would need to be considered and perhaps discussed with your vet.


Is the fat in black pudding bad for dogs?

The human food chain is polluted with so many processed and manufactured fat sources. They are often amalgamated with genetically modified grain products and flavours enhanced with sugars. In comparison to this norm a small amount of pork shoulder diced and minced is an incredibly healthy choice.

It is a great source of B vitamins and minerals and pork fat contains oleic acid with 60% monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated oleic acid has been found to be good for the heart, arteries and skin, and also helps to regulate hormones. As a comparison, butter contains 45% monounsaturated fat.

As with everything though the “M” word comes into play. Moderation. Just a little here and there and you are boosting your dog’s health and nutrition and pleasing him with some special attention and nibbles.

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“Ecky Thump”

The 1970’s saw black pudding appear centre stage as The Goodies imortalised it in their Ecky Thump sketches. Running Around the North of England, wearing oversized flat caps, shouting Ecky Thump and hitting each other with large long black puddings. Its Northern roots would soon be left long behind as its comsumption spread out nationwide onto our breakfast and particularly “Full English” breakfast plates. It is truly a British institution and a great treat for our four legged friends.


Is black pudding healthy for dogs?

Historically there is no doubt that a variety of offal would also have been used in the making of black pudding. Perhaps in a similar manner to faggots. They were almost certainly developed as a way to use up scraps and leftovers from the carcass. All forms of offal have incredible benefits for dogs. There are multiple times the amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in offal compared to muscle meat so any of this type or “genre” of food product can be very beneficial. As was stated at the start we must always be ever vigilant with regard to salt but that goes with almost everything in the current climate. You cannot even trust there to be low salt in a biscuit or bakery product.

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Can a puppy eat black pudding?

Yes absolutely. Again in limited volume, but black pudding is a delicious treat for a pup and highly nutritious. As ever always supervise your pup with treats and remember that they will likely have sensitive tummies in their early months, so just a little at a time is important. Always provide plenty of fresh water for pups and adult dogs.


Is black pudding a good training treat?

Again yes absolutely black pudding makes a terrific training treat. It is high in taste and aroma and is guaranteed to get your dog’s attention when required. With the casing drawn back you can easily moulid little balls into tasty morsels for your dog or puppy without the need for cooking or added grease. Pop 4 or 5 small balls in a food bag and carry them with you on a walk or for training.


Can dogs eat black pudding sticks?

Yes they can of course eat these products, however our experience has demonstrated them to often be a “flavoured” product packed with filler. Often meal or ground bone and ash is the highest volume product in some of these sausages and sticks so it is important to check the nutritional information. These products are not necessarily any more sinister than many other dog chews or treats but they are not the real product, so if your dog is going to have a little black pudding then why not give him the real thing!!


How is black pudding made?

Here is a great video where Richard Morris at The Bury Black Pudding Company in Bury, Lancashire talks us through the manufacture of some of the finest black pudding in the country!!