Treat your pooch to a dog treat hamper!

A dog treat hamper is the perfect gift for any dog lover. Well to be more precise it is a perfect gift for your beloved pooch. Our dog hampers are loved by customers up and down the country. I am not sure the average Labrador will think long and hard about the hamper box, but they will chew long and hard over the biggest natural treat.

We tailor our dog hampers at differing times of the year and for varying occasions. We have made all of the following in the last year:

  • Christmas dog hampers
  • Birthday dog hampers
  • Easter dog hampers
  • Valentines dog hampers
Photo of dog treat hamper form the dog chew company.

Would you like a large hamper filled with all sorts of delicious, natural dog treats and chews that will keep your pup happy and healthy. The best part is that this dog treat hamper can be personalized entirely with any chew or treat that you like with a card addressed to your dog name making it extra special!

Your four legged friend will be kept busy for hours or days with a hoard of 100% natural dog treats. Don't forget the furry products will act as a natural wormer and all of your treats and chews in the hamper are free from all added nasties. No grain or gluten, no additives or packing products to bulk your chews up. Just a nice big collection and assortment of the finest quality treats and chews in your hamper.

Chews for all sizes and shapes in our dog hampers

Most of the chews can be sized for differing ages and breeds of dog. We can hand pick each of the items in the correct shape and size for your dog's mouth and with the right suitable textures for younger dogs or puppies. If you would like a dog treat hamper for multiple pets then we can accommodate them all in the picking and cutting process. All of your pooches will be catered for!

Chose your treats and chews 

This dog treat hamper includes a variety of different treats, including:

  • Beef Skin with Meat
  • Achilles Tendon Joints
  • Venison Leg no fur
  • Venison Leg with fur
  • Beef head skin (very hard) 
  • Venison skin
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Buffalo Ear
  • Full Sows ear
  • Cows Nose
  • Cows Tail
  • Paddywack
  • Stag leg
  • Pig's ears
  • Pig's trotters

You can also cater for training treats and rewards in your dog hamper, or add 100% meat strips or pure sausages for snacks. Anything can be added to your dog treat hamper - dried pure meat strips or sausages, dried liver bites, sprats for dogs, treat pouches or training treat combinations.

Photo of various natural dog chews and treats

Whatever you prefer and whatever combination you would like is entirely your choice. This makes our dog hampers a completely bespoke dog treat and chew experience.

Your dog will love trying all of the different flavours in this fantastic dog treat hamper! And you'll love knowing that they are getting nothing but the best in terms of ingredients and nutrition. So if you're looking for a dog gift that's both unique and delicious, then look no further than the dog treat hamper!

Contact us directly for further information for further details of our dog hampers.