Natural dog training treats and rewards

When customers make the move from their shop bought treats to all natural chews, the first thing they're pet notices upon arrival is the scent. Spinning in circles, jumping with excitement or gawping wide eyed ... your pooch knows something tasty is in the building.


Dog chewing on large deer leg


Now whilst a highly naturally scented treat is not important for Mum or Dad, the opposite is true for your furry friend. There is one area in particular where this should be put to good use and that is when out and about, on a walk or during training of any sort. Small highly scented morsels make the perfect reward or training treat. Whether formally training or just as an aid to help obedience, small highly flavoured and recognisable treats are the perfect solution.


Bag of testicles for a dog treat or training reward, can be carried on a dog walk or when training your dog.

Held in a resealable pouch or perhaps a treat tin they can sit in your pocket ready for action. There are many options or choices available - liver being one of our favourites. It is easy to handle and cut or break into bite sized pieces and holds more nutrients than any meat or alternate food product, and all without any additives, grain fillers, sugars, carbs or fats!!