Puppy training treats for beginners

Puppy training treats are an important part of training our four legged friends. They can be crunchy treats or even lean meat, but calorie intake is important so nothing too fatty. Puppy training treats that are freeze dried or contain artificial colours are to be avoided as your puppy is very sensitive at a young age.

Natural ingredients that are around the home could include sweet potato, peanut butter or other natural ingredients and can assist with good health, gut health and a shiny coat. Natural puppy training treats are of course best. A great natural treat and chew specialist like The Dog Chew Company can help here also.

Training your puppy doesn't have to be difficult. Having the correct aids and using the right tools makes it much easier! A great tool for puppies is a good set of puppy training treats suitable for puppies, packed with scent and flavour. These small pieces of food grab your pup's attention and help to motivate them and make learning new commands a breeze.

Searching for the perfect treat

When looking for the perfect puppy training treat, it's important to find something that is healthy and nutritious. Puppies need plenty of protein and good fats to grow up strong and healthy, so look for treats that contain natural ingredients. Avoid any treats with artificial colours or preservatives, as these can be harmful to your pup's health.

Freeze dried puppy training treats and those that are based upon kibble are not a great option. They are easy to store and won't go bad if not used right away but these are not nutritionally a preferred dog training treat. They also tend to be crunchier than other types of treats, which can make them splinter for puppies who love to chew!

Easy training with the right incentive

With the right puppy incentives, you'll be able to teach your pup everything he needs to know in no time at all. Start with the basics like sit, stay and come, and before you know it your pup will be responding to all of your commands! Puppy training can be a lot of fun if approached in a structured and forward thinking attitude. It can also be rewarding and fun!

Puppies need healthy snacks and foods just as much as we do! puppy training treats help reinforce positive behaviours while also providing nutritional support for growing dogs. Look for all-natural puppy training treats made without artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. These puppy training treats will be good for your dog's health and help them learn the behaviours you want them to demonstrate.

Tasty treats already at home

Some of our favourite puppy training treat ingredients found at home include:

- sweet potato: a great source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

- peanut butter: packed with protein and healthy fats, as well as vitamin B and E

- blueberries: high in antioxidants that can protect cells from damage

Choose puppy training treats that are made with natural ingredients like these to give your pup the best possible training experience! They'll love getting rewarded with delicious snacks, and you'll love knowing they're being nourished at the same time.

Totally natural chews and treats

When choosing puppy training treats, always make sure to read the ingredients list. Avoid treats that contain artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Opt for all-natural puppy training treats made with simple ingredients like those listed here:

Training treat box from the dog chew company.

The Dog Chew Company Training Treat Box contains 300 grams of training treats in sealed pouches. They are the same product we distribute in our treat tins and are available to select as Chicken and Sweet Potato or Fish and Sweet Potato at the checkout.

Or alternatively and preferably head for a pure single source treat. The Dog Chew Company provides a number of changing single protein source natural chews and treats. Here is the liver treat:

Liver training treats from the dog chew company.

Our liver treats for dogs are perfect for training or reward. They are a completely natural air dried treat high in flavour and scent for a great treat. Offal contains many times more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than muscle meat.

You can further break the liver treats down into smaller pieces if needed, the liver treats are high in taste and will leave your dog wanting more! Great for all breeds and sizes of dog. Liver treats are a wonderful addition to your pet's nutrition.

Liver treats for dogs have many benefits:

  • Low in fat and high protein.
  • Liver treats are many times higher in nutrients than muscle meat.
  • Liver treats contain B Complex vitamins which help ward off allergies and infections.
  • Helps immune system and gut health.


Not just for training, our treats are also great as healthy anytime rewards or even add to their wet or raw meals for an added tasty crunch, high in vitamins and minerals.

Puppy training treat blog photo

These puppy training treats will be good for your pup's health and help them learn the behaviours you want them to demonstrate. Training your puppy can be a lot of fun - and rewarding them with tasty snacks is just one way to make it even more enjoyable! Try using natural puppy training treats during your next training session and see how much better both of you perform.

For all of your chew and treat needs for dog's of all life stages please contact us at The Dog Chew Company. Always have a good supply of fresh water on hand and supervise your puppy when eating and treating.