Puppy treats, when and where?

What are some good high-value home treats for puppies?

Some good high-value treats for puppies include that are readily available in the home:

- Small pieces of cooked chicken or beef

- Cheese slices

- Dog training treats specifically made for puppies

- Baby carrots

- Bits of apple or strawberry

- Plain yogurt (make sure it doesn't contain any sugar)

Puppies are just like children in so many ways in that they love to be rewarded with food! Dog trainers use these types of rewards during training sessions because they know how motivating it can be. Dogs and especially puppies love to get a tiny taste of something delicious.

When looking for the best puppy training treats, keep in mind the size. Your pup should always be able to finish them within a minute or two so that he stays focused on the task at hand and does not lose its attention.

Puppy treats in a convenient pouch. Liver training treats from the Dog Chew Company

Can training treats give puppies diarrhoea?

Too many puppy treats can give puppies diarrhoea. Dog trainers are aware that puppies sometimes have sensitive stomachs and as a result should refrain from giving the puppy either too many or too rich treats. Too many puppy treats at once can cause upset and maybe make them sick! Puppies are just like babies - they need to eat smaller amounts more often throughout the day so their bodies can properly digest what's coming in.

Dog owners who want their pups trained quickly should always keep this in mind during training sessions as well since it will help with consistency too (if one parent gives out rewards while another doesn't).

Should I give my puppy a treat every time he goes outside?

As a responsible owner you should refrain from giving your dog a treat every time he goes outside. Dog trainers know when to stop giving out rewards because they are experienced at reading their pups' body language and responses. If a reward is given too often it will lose its value in the eyes of your pup!

Puppy training treats should only be used during training sessions where there isn't any food available (unless specifically instructed otherwise by the trainer). Dog owners who try using these as everyday snacks might find themselves with an overweight pooch on their hands before long...so avoid doing this unless absolutely necessary.

Puppy image for the puppy treat blog for the dog chew company.

What's the best way to store my puppy treats?

Dog trainers also recommend keeping them out of reach from other family members so there isn't any confusion about who gets rewarded and when. What is the difference between training treats and regular treats?

Dog trainers often use different types of treats depending on what kind of command they want their pup to follow! Dog owners should do this too because it will help keep things consistent at home as well (if one parent gives out rewards while another doesn't). Dog training rewards are usually smaller and easier to eat, so they don't distract your dog from the task at hand. 

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