Rabbit ears for dogs are a great natural treat!

Are rabbit ears good for dogs?

Rabbit ears for dogs are considered to be 100% natural and healthy for your dog. They do not contain artificial colours or flavours and the best thing is that these treats are very low in fat, so you don’t have to worry about your dog gaining weight when eating them.

A great natural treat

They are gluten and grain free and obviously contain no additives. They are available with or without fur, but the magic happens as the fur is ingested by the dog. Rabbit ears for dogs will also help improve your dog’s dental health by reducing tartar build-up and bad breath.

Photo of a tin of rabbit ears for dogs amongst other natural dog chews.

There are many natural "ear" products available at your natural dog chew supplier such as cow ears and pig ears for dogs. Cow ears cab be available with hair also and it is the presence of the fur or hair that makes them a natural de-wormer.

Rabbit ears for dogs are also a great way to help reduce your dog’s anxiety levels. A well timed dog treat or chew such as a rabbit ear is a great way to take your dog's focus elsewhere. If your dog is anxious in certain situations, such as when you leave them home alone or when they have to go to the vet, giving them a few rabbit ears can help calm them down.

Rabbit ears - cleanse and scour

Rabbit ears are also an excellent way to get rid of any internal parasites that your dog may have. By eating just one or two rabbit ears per week, you can decrease the number of worms present in your dog’s digestive system.

A list of benefits ...


  • Scours the intestine: The scouring effect also goes way beyond the removal of eggs and worms in the digestive tract. The digestive tract gets a thorough cleanse of all matter within it whether that be undigested food or dead tissue.
  • Improved bowels: The fur can help bulk up the dog's stool and also helps to pull through waste matter and undigested foodstuff in the dog's intestine. Rabbit ears with fur are a truly beneficial and health giving chew or treat.
  • Improved gum and dental health: Rabbit ears are firm and leathery in texture. This means that the ear acts like a natural tooth brush as it is consumed. The fur and skin binds and flosses around the teeth and gums as they are chewed. This acts to remove plaque and maintain healthy teeth and gums for the dog.
  • Natural deworming: All natural furry products have a tendency to remove eggs from parasites in the gut and intestine. Worms live and lay eggs within these areas as there is a ready supply of digested food matter providing a free food source for them. As the fur resists digestion the rabbit ear maintains a scouring action displacing the worms and their eggs. This is not completely exhaustive though but will assist greatly with the normal worming regime.
  • Hypoallergenic chews and treats: Rabbits are far more likely to not suffer the same food chain violation of other animals in the food production process. They are therefore on the whole hypoallergenic in nature and a very low risk in an age of pet stomach and skin disorders.
  • Improved anal gland health: Improved volume and firmness in the dog's stools helps to extract naturally from the dog's anal glands. The passing process helps their draining and thus reduces greatly the chance of swollen or over-filled glands and the risk of primary and secondary infections that this brings.
  • Decreased anxiety with a rabbit ear: As with all chews and natural dog treats, anxiety reduction and dopamine creation are proved to happen while your beloved pooch enjoys a natural treat. Rabbit ears for dogs are a part of this chewing toolkit and can be deployed as part of a structured day, anxiety reduction or when noise or nuisance in the environment needs to be countered.

For most dogs, rabbit ears are an excellent treat option several times a week, and your dog is sure to love them!

The next time you order from The Dog Chew Company, make sure to pick up a package of rabbit ears for your furry friend! They are a great way to help keep your dog healthy and happy. You will find them in many of our natural treat boxes or if you really need a specific natural wormer then you can purchase them in convenient vac packed pouches.

Photo of Rabbit ears dog treats and chews from the dog chew company. Vac packed rabbit ears for freshness for your dog.

Other fur covered items act as a natural wormer too but rabbit ears for dogs are the premium product here and are incredibly flexible in their uses. Suitable for dogs of all ages and with a rich gamey odour your dog will love a rabbit ear.

Where the rabbit ears without fur are concerned, they can of course be given to your dog as a natural treat. If your pooch has access to fur products already then maybe more fur is not important to you, but if not then use the rabbit ears with fur as a priority.

Photo of small dog running for the rabbit ears blog on the dog chew company site.

Rabbit ears are considered to be 100% natural and healthy. They do not contain artificial colours or flavours and the best thing is that these treats are very low in fat, so you don’t have to worry about your dog gaining weight when eating them.