Are antler dog chews and split antlers safe for dogs?

As with all chews and foodstuffs, split antlers and all antler dog chews should be provided to your dog whilst supervised. The antler has a hard outer shell and an internal honeycomb affect "marrow" on the inside. The inner of the antler is a little softer in texture and is therefore more accessible in the split antler.

The split antler is therefore a little easier to chew and lends itself to puppies and dogs which are older. They are the product in the UK of red deer and roe deer. In the USA Elk antlers are also available. Deer antler dog chews are therefore a completely natural product and are harvested without harm when the deer sheds their antlers.

There is a small chance of splintering occurring but with sensible supervision of your dog these long lasting natural chews are safe to use.

Photo of a dog chewing a deer antler for the dog chew company blog.

Are split antlers safe for puppies?

Split antlers are a great tasty chew for puppies with supervision of course. Care must be taken in the ordering process as they are rarely supplied in a larger size than you are expecting. On checking reviews the most common remark about deer antlers and particularly small or split antlers is that they are often very small.

Therefore make sure that you source a suitable and correct size for your pup form the outset. With the correct sized product your puppy will grind down the antler over time and it will act as a perfect dental chew and well as being nutritious and tasty.

What are split antlers for dogs?

Put simply a split antler is simply cut down the middle, like a banana sliced lengthways. This helps to make a smaller chew with the marrow core more accessible. Split antlers are usually supplied for puppies more often than not. They are smooth with no sharp edges, hard and odourless making it perfect for the home environment. 

What about whole antlers for dogs? 

Whole antler dog chews tend to be cut through their cross section and are encased all round by the hard outer layer of the antler. These are a lot more resistant to your dog's chewing and are therefore more suitable for adult dogs and those that have a stronger or more rigorous bite.

They are also suitable for those "chewy" breeds like Labradors whom can chew for long periods of time. These whole antlers will work the dog harder to get at the inner marrow and again act as a great natural dog chew and dental chew. 

Photo of split deer antlers for the dog chew company blog.

What are the benefits of antler chews for dogs?

  • High in nutrients - antler chews are a low fat and high protein chew with high levels of minerals and nutrients. They are packed full of calcium, magnesium and potassium and contain the trace elements iron, phosphorus and zinc. They are therefore a great dental chew for dogs and aid bone, teeth and joint maintenance and development.
  • Natural and sustainable - antler chews are completely natural, free from additives, chemicals and any processing. They are also completely sustainable within the large stock of domestic and wild deer. The split antler dog chew are supplied from Scottish Highland herds, cut, cleaned and sharp points have been removed.
  • Cruelty free - deer antlers are completely humane and cruelty free natural dog treat. They are harvested from wild animals without any intrusion to the deer as they are collected after shedding the antlers at the season end. Likewise domestic animals shed their antlers without external discomfort or intervention.
  • Biodegradable - being a completely natural product they are completely biodegradable and natural with a zero footprint.
  • Free from odour - when supplied the deer antlers are free from any noticeable odour or smell, which is certainly not the case with many natural chews. Although when moist from the dog's chewing they will gain a little scent they are still very suitable for the domestic environment.
  • Great value - deer antlers, if purchased to the correct specification for your dog can be really long lasting dog chews. Some dog owners report weeks of chewing on an antler chew. Obviously not all antlers are identical, some can be harder than others and some may have a softer core. If you stick to a natural dog chew supplier with a good reputation you are likely to get a good quality natural chew.
  • Great dental chew - full of minerals and calcium, the deer antler is a great dental chew and healthy chew not only by virtue of consuming the nutrients but also by the abrasive effect on the teeth during chewing.

Are there risks with antlers for dogs?

If your dog is over enthusiastic and aggressive with their chewing then there could be a risk of chipping to a tooth or perhaps abrasion to their gums. They could also splinter the antler potentially and a piece could either become a choking hazard. Splinters could also reside in the gut of stomach if consumed.

It has to be said that these dangers can exist with other items your pooch might take to munching on so the watchword is supervision. Keep an eye on your dog with his chews and remove after a period of time.

It is reported that owners should limit exposure time for puppies so as not to cause any stomach upset, so a good guideline might be a 20 minute chew session for a puppy.

Once eroded and small obviously discard the antler  as it would present a choking hazard.

Small antler or split antler for dogs product for sale .


Deer antler dog chews are a really popular dog chew and treat. Your dog will love this unique and very hard and long lasting dog chew. They are incredibly high in protein, mineral and nutrient levels and are a natural dog treat produced with cruelty or effect on the environment. You can find The Dog Chew Company split antler for dogs by clicking here - split antler for dogs.