Why natural dog chews are the best dog treat.

What is the importance of chewing for your dog?

Why are natural dog chews so important? The word chew evokes many positive thoughts in our minds, and why wouldn't it? We enjoy chewing on things ourselves, such as chewing gum and sweets, so it makes sense that dogs, who are born chewers, feel the same way.

A dog's teeth are constantly growing; they must gnaw on something to keep them at a healthy length! The act of chewing also helps to exercise the muscles in your dog's jaw and neck, preventing them from becoming cramped or developing aches and pains as they age.


The Importance of Chewing

Dogs chew because it feels good, helps them keep their teeth clean and provides exercise. Chewing also mimics behaviours that wild dogs need to perform in order to survive – for example, a wolf cub needs to practice chewing so he can one day hunt and kill prey.

Your dog most likely has a job to do, whether he’s hounding you around town on walks or keeping watch over you while you sleep. It’s important that he’s properly equipped for his tasks by making sure his mouth stays healthy and active through plenty of exercise and naturally chewing.

In their formative years chewing plays an important part in the dog's development. It is also a life long pursuit and will create contentment, stimulation and nutrition for their lifetime.


Chow Chow chewing a natural dog chew


Natural Dog Chews

Feeding your dog quality, natural dog chews and treats can be great for their dental health, keeping their breath fresh, and can be a training aid for them to come when called. But what are some safe options that are healthy for their overall development?

The best option is high-quality, natural chews and treats. Necks, feet, skin and bone chews come in all shapes and sizes. Some are harder than others and come with or without fur.

The fur can be a natural de-wormer for the dog. They have great nutritional content and supplement the dog's diet. Whatever the size or chewing strength of your dog there is a chew or selection suitable for all. After all chewing natural chews came before the man made chews and treats.


Benefits of Natural Dog Chews

Chewing keeps dogs' jaws strong and their teeth clean. Chewing also satisfies a primal instinct, making them feel calm and less stressed. Natural chew toys, such as bone and titan chews, keep them engaged and stimulated when you can not play with them and all is quiet. Both mental and physical exercise are crucial to your dog's overall health and well-being, so it's important to make sure they get both.

Dog chews are a great source of entertainment for your dog. They are also a great way to teach dogs the difference between the chew toy and the shoe. The proper way to entertain your dog is by providing them with safe natural chews and treats such as a tendon or bone. ​ Since natural dog chews are made from premium ingredients like grass-fed beef tendons, lamb, pork, venison or salmon skin, these dog treats supply essential vitamins and minerals while keeping their teeth clean at the same time!

Rawhide vs Holistic/Natural Dog Chew

Pet owners are always looking for a safe and healthy chew that not only prevents harmful teeth build up, but also satisfies their dogs desire to chew. Rawhide chews are simply dehydrated and treated animal skins, which will take days to digest in your dogs stomach.

Holistic/Natural Chews are made with a variety of other natural ingredients with NO sugar, gluten or additives making them easy on digestion. There is absolutely no comparison between rawhide and holistic chews when it comes to being healthy. Pet owners do not have to choose between two extremes when selecting a safe and healthy chew! Hide dog chews at this time should really be disregarded.



Dachshund with a rawhide chew


Can My Puppy Eat Natural/Holistic Dog Treats?

Processed rawhide isn’t actually food. Instead, it’s made from pulverized cattle hides with flavouring added in. So, not only are you giving your pet something that’s going to be a choking hazard and cause intestinal blockages, but you’re also making them ill if they ingest enough of it over time.

Natural chews are rich in nutrients that promote healthy teeth and gums. They also help to increase mental stimulation, which helps prevent boredom which can lead to unwanted behaviour like destructiveness or excessive barking.

These chews are often sourced domestically, meaning they’re lower impact on our environment. They can also be selected and chosen wisely for suitability for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from animal based dog chews of all sizes to fish skin shaped into balls, fingers or chewing plates.


Is There Anything Wrong With Commercial Rawhide Products?

You have probably heard from friends or family that you can not be too careful with what kinds of treats you give your dog. You might even have a friend who fed rawhide to his or her pet and had it develop some kind of disease or get sick shortly after eating it.

If you want to give natural chews to your pet, there are plenty of safe options you can go with which are also a healthy treat. The risk of giving these types of products isn’t worth it when perfectly safe alternatives exist full of vitamins and minerals.

One common question regarding commercial rawhide products is: Doesn’t commercial rawhide include dangerous chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde? The answer to that question is yes, but on smaller amounts than medical bodies consider dangerous.


Why I Use Fruit & Veggie Treats Over Grain Based Dog Treats

If you’re looking to provide a healthy treat, fruit and veggies are always going to be better than grain based products. Many people have heard that sugar is bad for dogs. However, let’s talk about artificial sweeteners versus sugar.

According to The Natural Pet Care Guide, manufacturers add aspartame and other similar chemicals to grain-based treats because they only weigh about 10% when dried compared with meat, which weighs about 70%. So naturally grain based treats tend to be less expensive when compared with meat or fruits & veggies. In addition, much of today’s pet food industry has been accused of cutting corners in order to increase profits, packing their dog treat products out with fillers.


French Bulldog with natural dog chews


Chondroitin and glucosamine help with bones and joints

As dogs get older, their bones and joints can sometimes become achy or stiff. A good way to help alleviate these aches and pains is by providing extra chondroitin and glucosamine in your dog's diet. Both compounds are great for humans and dogs alike. They allow for better absorption of calcium and also help with cartilage growth and bone health.

Ask any vet about giving your pet chondroitin or glucosamine supplements; they'll likely have their own preferred brand they recommend most highly. This is great but why give your dog a drug or potion when he can get it naturally? Chew tendon joints and a little fish oil in natural chews and your dog will naturally supplement its diet and love the experience too. These additives will ensure that you're doing everything you can to keep your canine friend healthy into his golden years!


Dog's produce Dopamine when chewing

Dopamine, otherwise known as the happiness chemical is produced by our brains when we feel pleasure from food. In fact, dopamine spikes in humans can lead to a sense of euphoria. A study conducted at University College London revealed that dogs produce a similar response when they chew, in addition to releasing endorphins that can reduce pain and increase energy levels.

Both dopamine and endorphins are associated with positive emotions, which means chewing can actually make dogs feel happy and energetic. Although both animals and humans process dopamine differently, doggy bliss may seem similar to what you experience after a good meal or a long run! There are also significant gains in sleep and rest patterns as your contented dog settles well and sleeps deeply.


Natural dog chews will make your dog happy!

So here is your tick list:

  • Happier dog.

  • Healthier dog.

  • Healthy teeth and gums.

  • Less vets visits.

  • Better skin health.

  • Increased joint health.

  • Calm temperament.


And a happy owner knowing you are doing and giving the best to your beloved pet.