Sprats for dogs
Dried sprats for dogs
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Sprats for dogs

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Are sprats good for dogs ? Dried sprats for dogs are the perfect nutritional supplement, reward or training treat for dogs. They are smelly so they make a great natural training treat. 

Fish treats for dogs are currently getting more and more popular, with dried sprats for dogs being in the lead due to their versatility. As they are ready made in single portion size they are really versatile and can be added to a meal or carried for a guaranteed tasty dried fish dog treat or reward.

There are many benefits of including fish treats for dogs in your routine:

  1. They are grain and gluten free.
  2. Sprats are completely hypoallergenic dog treats.
  3. Sprats for dogs are a perfect low fat and high protein natural treat for your pet.
  4. Sprats and other fish treats for dogs are high in Omega 3 and 6. These are just as beneficial for your pet as for humans. They have key anti-inflammatory benefits and aid coat and skin health.
  5. The sprats and natural fish treats help with immune function and hormonal levels and are a dried fish treat super food for your dog.

We pack the sprats fresh into resealable pouches with a ziplock top. Your tasty fish treats will stay fresh and can be carried on walks and whilst training. The ziplock will keep the odours in until you wish to use them. Always carry some dried sprats for dogs health, happiness and satisfaction - perfect fish treats for dogs!

Ziplock pouch with 100g of sprats.