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The ULTIMATE Teeth / Digestive cleanser

This box is bursting at the seems with our FINEST hairy chews.

It has been well documented that the fibers on natural chews are a fantastic solution to help with teeth care and digestive care in dogs.

As the dog gnaws on the items the fibers scrub the teeth helping to remove plaque and tartar.
Once the chews have been digested, as they pass through the dog the hairs cleanse the digestive tract of parasites such as worms and other nasties.

If you have a dog that has a build up of plaque then this is the chew option for you. If you would like to protect your dog from that happening then offering them hairy items is a must.

The items in this box are hard and chewy, providing a great chew experience. 

4 x Beef Lips
4 x Rabbits Feet
4 x Rabbits Ears
2 x Furry Cows Ears
2 x Beef Plate with fur
1 x Rabbit Pelt
1 x Venison Pelt
1 x Venison Leg
1 x Dog Chew Company Training Tin