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The Alaskan Malamute Dog Chew Selection Box

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This selection of large and durable chews have been selected for this giant breed. The malamute needs something substantial to satiate them so we have put together a box of chews which will do just that.
This breed is known for their power and endurance and we wanted to offer them chews that they could sit and gnaw on for a prolonged period of time.
These chews are loaded with all of the extra vital nutrients that they need to help keep their joints healthy and supple. The naturally found chondroitin and glucosamine is of real benefit to this breed.
We have also included a tin of coconut oil which can be added to their healthy diet which ensures to keep the coat luxurious and soft.
2 x Cows Nose
2 x Rabbit Pelt
2 x Mammoth Chew
2 x Titan Chew
2 x Buffalo Tail
2 x Deer Skin
2 x Furry Cows Ears
1 x Trachea
1 x Tin of coconut oil