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The Chihuahua Chew & Treat Box

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This is a MEGA selection for the dinkiest of dogs. Here at The Dog Chew Company we fully appreciate that being a teeny tiny dog does not mean you don't want a substantial chew when you get the urge to gnaw.
That being the case we have taken our Tough Chews and we have sized them down so they are suitable in size for the Chihuahua. We have hand selected some of the most nutritious items to help with coat care, joint care and their little digestive systems. This box will keep your cheeky little Chihuahuas happy and satiated for hours and hours with its huge selection of 24 chews.
2 x Goats ears
2 x Pigs ears
2 x Beef Slate
2 x Head Meat
2 x Rabbits ears with hair
2 x Tendons
2 x Cows Tails
2 x Rabbits Feet
2 x Trachea Pieces
2 x Lamb Bladder Twist
4 x Chicken Feet
1 x FREE Training Treat Tin