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The Dog Chew Family Halloween Box

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Why not treat your beloved fur baby to a phenomenal box of spooky themed treats and chews this Halloween.


We have created this selection not just including Tough Chews but also smaller treats that can be offered during the month of October.


Also comes bundled with some TRICK OR TREAT treat packs so that you can give them to families who knock on your door with a dog this Halloween.


It’s not just the kiddywinkles that need spoiling, everyone deserves some chew family treatment.


This awesome selection contains...

* Bag of 3 x goats ears, 3 x Rabbits ears

* Bag of Gullet

* Bag of Liver

* Bag of Testicles

1 x Venison Leg

1 x Buffalo Ear

1 x Trachea

1 x Cows Nose

2 x Buffalo Tail

2 x Heat meat

1 x Treat tin

6 x TRICK OR TREAT treat packs