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The Malinois Dog Chew Selection Box

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This massive variety of 100% Natural Dog Chews have been carefully selected for the Malinois breed. Containing some of The Dog Chew Companies most resilient and nutritious items. A multitude of proteins guaranteed to keep your driven dog engaged.


We have included a complimentary bottle of salmon oil in this box. This can be used alongside their daily food intake, 5ml spoon at a time or poured onto one of the Hairy chews and will be consumed as they chew. Salmon oil contains a vast amount of glucosamine and chondroitin as well as omega 3/6/9. Adding this to your dogs diet will have massive health benefits.

This box contains :

2 x Buffalo Tails

2 x Cows Nose

2 x Deer Skin

1 x Venison Skin with fur

1 x Cows Ear with fur

1 x Buffalo ear

1 x Venison Leg

1 x Pigs Trotter

1 x Segment of Mammoth Chew

1 x Bottle of salmon oil

1 x TDCC Training Treat Tin


We are so incredibly proud of all of the service dogs that we already provide chews for. We hope this fantastic selection can give your babies some enjoyment and fulfilment during or after a long day at work.