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Each pack of dog training treats is filled with delicious, highly flavoured and scented dog treats. They are great additions or top-ups to your order whether favourite dog treats or a training treat reward. We offer four dog training treat bags filled with a variety of different tasty dog treats and chews.

Each pouch is strongly made with a high quality ziplock top to keep the dog treats fresh and your jacket pockets clean. The bite sized dog treats are small enough to be presented as rewards on walks and during training.

We deliberately chose highly scented training treats for to offer the greatest effect in keeping you pup interested. Both the liver training treat and the sprat treat are super effective here. You can leave the dog training treats safely in your walking coat pocket and always be equipped with a treat when needed.

The dog treat pouches are manufactured with fully recyclable materials for re-use.

We are aiming to supply refills in the future to get away from the dog treat pouches being single use.

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